Dishwashing & Potwashing

The correct dishwashing and potwashing equipment can vastly improve the efficiency of your kitchen. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Where only the highest standards are acceptable, Servequip’s impressive range of Dishwashing and Potwashing machines satisfy the most rigorous HACCP health and hygiene requirements. Our washing products range in size from smaller cup and glass washers for bars to larger, automated systems suitable for restaurants, canteens, etc. Using our extensive industry knowledge and decades of experience, we are able to provide the most suitable, tailored dishwashing and potwashing systems based on the unique spatial and operational requirements of each client we deal with.
At Servequip we pride ourselves on the quality of our products; all dishwashing and potwashing solutions have been sourced from some of the leading and most trusted suppliers in the commercial food industry. In order to stay abreast of the latest regulations and technological advancements, we work closely with our suppliers to continuously update our stock, meaning our customers are receiving the latest and most innovative dishwashing and potwashing equipment. 

From compact front loading machines to continuous flight dishwashers, Servequip can offer the solution. Our Granule washing machines provide hygienically clean utensils – maintaining the standards of hygiene required by today’s industry.

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