We have an extensive range of commercial kitchen refrigeration systems, all of which are HACCP compliant. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Refrigeration is a specialised area with strict HACCP requirements, as such, it is vital that any commercial kitchen is equipped with adequate refrigeration equipment. Our refrigeration systems vary in size and specification, meaning we have options to suit all types of kitchen requirements, from smaller bars and canteens up to larger restaurant kitchens.
As a leading supplier of commercial refrigeration systems, Servequip is ideally placed to advise customers on which solutions are best suited to their requirements. We always consult with our customers and use the information provided to make a suggestion on the best refrigeration equipment, taking into account things like the size and shape of the kitchen, refrigeration requirements, workload, etc.
Servequip’s innovative commercial refrigeration range provides a full complement of refrigeration equipment including blast chillers, blast freezers, refrigeration storage cabinets, walk-in coldrooms and refrigeration monitoring systems. We source all of our refrigeration equipment from some of the leading and most trusted suppliers, meaning our customers receive the latest and most innovative refrigeration equipment. For more information on the full range of products we have available, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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