Ventilation Systems

A proper kitchen extraction system is vital to tackle the issues of hygiene, grease, smoke and odours. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Maintaining a consistent and correct climate in any kitchen workspace is essential to efficiency, hygiene and food safety. We carefully select our ventilation systems to ensure they are designed for every eventuality, whilst also reducing energy costs and maintenance requirements. By installing the correct air ventilation system, you are ensuring that the air quality and movement in the kitchen remains at optimum levels which is vital to meeting health and safety regulations as well as creating a comfortable working environment. Our canopies and ventilated ceiling systems are also designed to create a bright and comfortable kitchen environment.

Servequip provides an extensive range of kitchen ventilation systems, with options to suit all requirements. When selecting the correct ventilation system, we take into account:

Options include replacement air, ultraviolet systems, automatic washing systems and more.

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