Modular Cooking Systems

Our modular cooking systems have been specially designed to handle even the most demanding kitchens. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Servequip’s extensive and striking range of modular cooking equipment caters comfortably for both medium and heavy duty kitchens. Working with customers from a variety of commercial sectors, we supply modular cooking systems specifically designed to meet individual requirements and we are proud to say that we are able to consistently meet the expectations of our customers. Our modular cooking systems deliver unbeatable functionality, allowing customers to create a kitchen that works for them.

Servequip provides modular cooking systems to customers in both the public and private sectors. These can be created to fit a variety of floor plans and are built to meet all food preparation regulations as outline by the HACCP.

Available with a wide range of different capacities and functions, we are confident that we have the right appliance for even the most demanding kitchen requirements. Choosing the right cooking system can seem daunting, but we are here to help. If you need any further advice on which modular cooking systems are best suited to your requirements, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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